1. Maintenance

To keep your vehicle in good condition, it is vital to perform regular maintenance. At Artisan Classic Cars we can take care of your beloved classic and ensure it remains in service for many more years to come. We have all the necessary tools and equipment to maintain any model of any brand, covering all possible time periods.

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2. Repairs & Rally support

If you find your precious oldtimer in need of repair, do not worry! ACC is the place to be. Specialising in both mechanical repairs and electrical work, we can cover any project ranging from simple brake jobs to full engine rebuilds.

In addition to repair jobs at the workshop, ACC also provides assistance at rally events. In case of need, we have the perfect rally support vehicle with an additional car trailer. Rally support is available for any event, ranging from a simple day rally to a multiple-day rally abroad (e.g. the Mille Miglia). Feel free to contact us and discuss your event and needs.

3. Restoration

Has your beloved classic started to show its age and needs more than a few repairs? ACC offers full restoration to restore your prized possession to its original appearance. Anything is possible, from engine work to sandblasting the body and putting on a fresh coat of paint. Feel free to get in touch and discuss the extent of your project.

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